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Benefits for You CEO / Chain Owner

  • Increase customer expenditure at your retail outlet
  • Optimize fixed costs based on proven sales ratio
  • Reorganize the potential in shops with the highest sales prospects
  • Treat yourself with actionable reports to meet your company’s business performance expectancy

Benefits for You Marketing Officer

  • Monitor the success of your advertising
  • Compare different marketing channels and their performance
  • Identify the most valuable consumer groups
  • Be able to measure the effectiveness of product positioning

Benefits for You Store Manager

  • Monitor and understand visitors’ behavior at the outlet environment
  • Optimize staff work schedules
  • Reduce unnecessary queuing, customer wait times and lost sales opportunities to create the best possible shopper experience
  • Compare online analytics with store performance and endorse the shopper experience with online prospects

Benefits for You Merchandiser

  • Measure the effect of product positioning and create optimal retail store layout
  • Measure the success of store window advertisement by counting bypassing people versus store visitors and see how the window display and other promotional displays engage different age groups and gender
  • Take advantage of the busiest hours
  • Create indoor mapping and store aisles towards the higher margin merchandises

Benefits for You Store Layout Designer

  • Learn from in-store traffic patterns to increase sales and maximize revenue
  • Streamline store layout designing and save money and time
  • Measure the effect of product positioning and create optimal retail store layout
  • Optimize the success of your store’s promotional displays and other in-store advertisement and see how they engage different age groups and gender

Solutions for business concepts

Hear it from our customers

"What you can’t measure you can’t manage. We have been using Visit since 2002 and it has worked well."

Karl Stockmann; Stockmann departments stores, Finland

"We use Visit® to eradicate rumors amongst our tenants. It also provides leverage to tight negotiations."

Timo Palviainen; Managing Director, Hansa Shopping Center in Turku Finland

What we do

Visit® is about improving business performance. What we do is help you to build a more profitable and well-functioning in-store business.

How to make more, get more people flow and turn those visitors into shoppers? We provide you with solutions to understand better your business, customers and the current industry trends. Visit® helps you to increase sale per square meter, improve marketing to attract people and increase basket value and activate visitor engagement.

There’s also money to be saved. With our intel you’re able to minimize staff costs and prevent losses. You’ll make more and lose less!

Visit® has specialized in producing information from visitor behavior and amounts. But we are not a bookkeeping service. We exist to produce tangible insight for you to base decisions on. We have the best and most versatile package that truly leads to outcomes. From the most comprehensive platform combining all the solutions in one reporting overview, in comparison to others we have come out as clear number one.

How it works

Data logging from your store and other sources
Patented error checking and automatic data analysis
Easy access to actionable knowledge
Business optimization actions

Having sensors in your store provides you with a mass of data, especially combined with other sources and statistics. To get anything out of them, you usually need data mining and manual reports – but no more – Visit® takes the unorganized data and turns it into actionable knowledge.

Getting started

As easy as ordering pizza