Fundamentals of Visit®

Fundamentals of Visit®

How much more can you make with what you already have by making the proper improvements? Visit® is the tool to make this happen.

There’s no point making old-fashioned surveys or studies for example about Demographic Profiling anymore. Visit® can do that for you. And not only that, our intel is more accurate, broader and what’s best continuing. The expenses are probably the same to what you would pay for carrying out surveys but Visit® will stay with you and lead into real outcomes on your side.

How it works 1 - Visit Intelligence drawingData logging from your store and other sources

Having in-store technology and sensors in your store gives us the opportunity to collect data. Data is also collected from other sources including POS, possible online sources and web analytics as well as different statistics like the weather. It’s important to underline we won’t have access to your POS-system. You send us this data into your system program. Also, our Demographic Profiling and WiFi tracking are totally anonymous.

  • People Counting
  • People Flow Monitoring
  • Calibrated WiFi Tracking
  • Demographic Profiling
Data Integration:
  • POS
  • ERP
  • Staffing systems
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Store
  • Webpage
  • Social Media
  • Weather
  • And more...

See more about technology solutions...

How it works 2 - Visit Intelligence drawingPatented error checking and automatic data analysis

The collected data is transferred through protocol secured pathways to us in cloud before analyzed by our program. We have a patented data checking solution monitoring the process. And with the help of our professional service personnel the quality of the delivered data is assured.

How it works 3 - Visit Intelligence drawingEasy access to actionable knowledge

Visit® have spent years developing analytics and understanding to distinguish visitor behavior and patterns. Our mission is to share this insight and offer solutions that drive real value to our clients. Working in cooperation with us has been proven to lead into real outcomes. To ensure this we even have different analyzing templates for different fields consisting of the most important KPIs considering your business. Information is available in visually simplified software around the clock. All you need is Internet access. Customized reports are also available.

How it works 4 - Visit Intelligence drawingBusiness optimization actions

We give you the tools for intelligence business. When the problem areas are located action can be taken accordingly to create better customer satisfaction and shop performance. Knowledge is power. With Visit® you’ll have control over what you do in your business and the right knowledge for successful decisions-making.

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