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  • Cloud based and easy to use dashboards, especially built for your business.
  • Fully customizable for your specific requirements if needed.
  • The most comprehensive platform in the industry, combining all the solutions in one reporting overview.
  • Fully integrated solutions from Loss Prevention to in store experience tracking.
  • Possible to use your already existing in-store technology instead of placing new. The Visit® store sensors are fully adaptable with your current devices with open interface.

Visit® OTOS Technology

Visit® OTOS is our all-in-one IoT device integrating demography recognition, engagement and WiFi tracking. It's also possible to carry out Heat map analyses of specific locations if wanted.
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Our Implementation Solutions in a Nutshell


Visitor traffic and patterns

  • People counting
  • People flow monitoring
    • busiest hours
    • visitor routes
    • visitor times
    • cross shopping
    • bypasser traffic
    • dwell times
    • loyalty
    • unique visitors
    • new visitors
  • Drive through car counting

How many shoppers dwell more than 15 minutes during the busiest time of the day?

Maximize business revenue potential.
Improvements to product placement increases conversion rate typically by 2-4%.

Visitor profiling and engagement

  • Demographic profiling (anonymous)
    • age
    • gender
    • mood
  • Engagement
    • promotion displays
    • zones
    • floors
  • Heat maps
    • hot and cold spots
    • visitor routes

How does my in-store marketing engage different age groups and gender?

Increase your marketing revenue.
Better window advertisement increases visitor amount usually 1-5%.

Social Media and online marketing analytics

  • Comparison to visitor amounts
  • Marketing effectiveness
  • Loyalty

Which social media campaigns increase the number of new visitors?

Optimize marketing effectiveness and visibility.
Better-targeted social media marketing can increase footfall 1-3%.

Data integration

  • Your own data feed
    • marketing expenses
    • staff information
    • POS
    • loss prevention
    • ERP
    • etc.
  • External data
    • weather
    • etc.

What is the weather impact on visitor amounts and sales?

Activate and engage with your visitors.
Customers using fitting rooms are about 65% more likely to buy something and they buy 3 times what browsers buy.

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