Solutions overview

Why get visit®?

While modern technology has created competitive channels in comparison to in-store businesses it has also created new opportunities. When you decide to seize these opportunities it will change how you look at your business forever. Visit® provides you actionable knowledge you cannot get from anyone else at our level.

An average small store of 1,5M$ annual turnover can realistically make 15-30% more profit per year. Typical costs associated to the system are less than 5% investments as % of extra profit. Can you really afford to loosing this potential?

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How much is 1 % increase really?

While 1% increase doesn’t sound a lot, this increase in footfall or average transaction value can mean as much as 20% increase in profit! Simplified it can be explained as following:

  • Lets imagine the yearly turnover is 1 500 000$ and with 6% profit margin the yearly profit is 90 000$.
  • With conversion rate being 90% and new conversion being 91%, the final turnover improvement is actually more than 3% being now closer to 1 550 000$ taking inconsideration other believable variable figures.
  • The yearly profit will increase from 90 000$ to almost 109 000$ which is close to 21% increase in total.