for concept: Apparel Store

Solutions for Apparel Store


  • Monitor and understand visitors’ behavior at the outlet environment and map out how different zones engage visitors consisting statistics of different age groups and gender.
  • Make improvements to the store layout, product placement and in-store promotion based on visitor patterns – and increase sale per square meter.
  • Compare different marketing channel performances and increase your marketing effectiveness based on statistics of the most valuable consumer groups.
  • Optimize staff work schedules and fixed costs on proven visitor and sales ratio.
  • Reduce lost sale opportunities and cut queuing times to create the best possible shopper experience.
  • Compare stores with each other and reorganize the less profitable ones with highest potential.
  • See what kind of influence the weather has on visitor amounts and sale.
  • Optimize store’s window advertisement and other promotional displays by monitoring the bypassing people and how the displays engage them in general and what groups especially.

How to achieve better customer satisfaction without increasing expenses? Optimizing staff work schedules is easy with Visit®. Use our demographic profiling to help your staff to engage visitors. And to see clear demonstrations from visitor routes and time spent in different zones will also help with this. Measure the effectiveness of different marketing channels. Better-targeted social media integration increases typically footfall 1-3% and better window advertisement up to 1-5%.

Make sure the staff is there when most needed to help and activate customers. Improving the shopper experience and product placement improve conversion rate usually 2-4%. Customers using fitting rooms are about 65 % percent more likely to buy something and they buy 3 times what browsers buy. Did you know that by optimizing your staff schedules you reduce theft at the same time?